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USA STOCK SYLSTAR 630W 6Bars Quickstar LED Grow Light Foldable for Indoor Plant, Full Spectrum and High PPF/PAR 3500K for Veg and Bloom

Option Option A Option B
Wattage 640W 640W
PPF 1536 μmol/s 1664 μmol/s
Efficacy 2.4 μmol/J 2.6 μmol/J
Dimension 44*45.5*2.9 inch 44*45.5*2.9 inch
Weight 10KG/22LBS 10KG/22LBS

TOP Features:

    Hollow design has better airflow and great heat dissipation. The outstanding heat dissipation ability can make the lampwork stably for a long time, and this also guarantees the long life of the lamp.
    Plug to Use! Take out the lamp and install the hook to use it directly. Compared with other lamps, there are fewer complicated installation steps.
    Through the attached lifting rope, you can freely adjust the installation height of the lamp according to the different growth stages of the plant. Adjust the output power of the lamp according to the height, which can make the lampwork more efficiently and save energy.
    The foldable lamp body saves more logistics costs. At the same time, it can save space when not in use.
    In the basic configuration, we used OsramLed diodes. This can also be upgraded to other brands of chips. Blue, White,Red, IR (660-665nm and IR 750nm) or add UV LEDs as per customers' requests. The IR 750nm led chips are added compared with the traditional grow light. Perfect performance for veg and bloom. You don't need to buy more lights for different spectrums.
    Sylstar supports logo customization, package customize and spectrum customization! If you need this service, welcome to contact us!
    Sylstar Promise: During the warranty period, due to product quality problems that cannot be used normally, we provide free replacement services!