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Sylstar Story

Sylstar, since 2002, is a professional grow light company bringing you exceptional customer service and the highest quality products at surprisingly low prices

 We have been dedicated to manufacturing products of which our customers can be proud. Through extensive research and development, we are always committed to look forward and to continue growing, both in the garden and as a company.

Sylstar started with HPS and CMH grow lights, the first one to extend to LED grow lights,  and continues to expand into other horticulture essentials. Every product is made with our customers in mind. We strive to provide the best quality products that fill the needs of our end-user. We achieve this by keeping product development at our core and listening to what our customers want and need.

Sylstar has a cutting-edge research and development team consisting of professors and experts alike. We are all about making products in Performance and Reliability. Your passion is growing; our passion is providing products that will help get you there.

Keeping our customers in mind, we have set up a network of warehouses and offline service centers all around the world so that we can provide the solutions you need quickly. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure you have the best possible experience with Sylstar, both before and after purchase.

After 20 years of growing, Sylstar has gradually developed into a leading brand in the grow light industry, serving over millions of customers in 60 countries. We genuinely love our clients and look forward to continuing to provide high-quality and performance products at an exceptional value.

Our Mission

To bring exceptional customer service and the highest quality products at surprisingly low prices 

Our Values

To keep plants thriving growing by our high quality products, to better our customer's life.  

Our Motto

Performance and Reliability