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Quickstar 6000 635W LED Grow Light with Samsung Diodes

  • MAXIMUM LIGHT UTILIZATION:  630w Plant Light adopts 1680pcs High-efficacy horticultural SAMSUNG 283B+ diodes, providing light output PPFD up to 1750umol/s, achieving high energy efficiency of 2.8 umol/J, creating a more ideal light level for professional&commercial growers. Perfect for 6'x6' vegetative coverage and 5'x5' flowering coverage Horizontal&Vertical Growing.
  • MULTI-DIMMING &DAISY CHAIN: The best choice for large-area growers, GS6500 has a dimmer switch for single dimming control 10%-100%, and it can also be connected in series by RJ11 network cable and controlled by a 0-10V dimmable knob. Up to 100 lights can be connected and controlled via a 0-10v master controller (Not Included). IP65 waterproof, widely used in commercial growing, climate room, house garden, home grow (planting box and tent), greenhouse cultivation, pipeline cultivation, hydroponics.
  • UNIFORMITY FULL SPECTRUM: The grow light uses upgrade horticulture lighting SMD led beads (3000k, 6500k, 660nm, 730nm), which provides powerful light output, infinitely close to sunlight, providing a complete natural spectrum, speeding up the growth and flowering time of plants, achieving higher yield up to 2.5g/W, and being suitable for the growth of plants at all stages.
  • ADVANCED HEAT DISSIPATION: Unique 180 degrees fold up and Plug&Play design, compact and easy to be installed. 6 passive-cooled LED bars, provide more even canopy coverage and better airflow, reduce environmental heat in the growth space for extended lifespan, and special surface treatment of the aluminum heat sink to increase the heat dissipation area, saving up to 50% of energy than other grow lamps.
  • GREAT BANG FOR THE BUCK: SYLATSR is more and more specialized in the field of planting. We provide a 5-year warranty and perfect after-sales service, dedicated to giving our customers the best shopping experience. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us and we will give you the most professional answer.