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What is PPF in Grow Lights - Perfect Reference for Indoor Grower

January 16, 2022 1 min read

PPF is the abbreviation for ‘photosynthetic Photon flux’. It gives information on the number of photons, which are emitted by the light sources. The optimum size of your grow light is important as the indoor growth of indoor plants chiefly depends on the size of the light. In this article we have discussed the importance of matching the size of the grow light with the size of the tent. Furthermore, we have explored the mechanism of indoor plants photosynthesis. Plus, we have also explained the usage of PPF to determine the optimal grow light size for the tent

Determining the size of the grow light to the grow space

Before kickstarting the indoor growth of the indoor plants, you must estimate the yield that you are can willing to harvest each cycle. The yield of each grow is determined by the amount of space available for the growth. Thus, the size of the tent should be determined by your yield goals and the grow tent determines the amount of light required for the process. 

Indoor plants can be grown both under small and large lights. Even small lights have the capacity of producing a decent harvest. Having said that, the efficiency of the grow and the quality of the harvest turn out to be impressive when the grow lights perfectly match with the grow space.