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SpiderPro S8000/800W Led Grow Lights, 1:1 Replace HPS1000W grow light system, Full spectrum for indoor plants

1. Larger, more powerful 5.0mm LEDs, Lumen Efficacy >230lm/W, PAR efficacy reach up to 2.7umol/J. Plus up to 25% energy savings vs. 1000 W Single Ended HPS fixtures.

2. Impressive 2160 µmol/s output for more crop-loving light at up to 25% energy savings vs. 1000 W DE HPS fixtures (based on average wattage of each fixture), and it is LED grow light that is a 1:1 HPS replacement, Even better performance than Gavita CT1930e.

3. Broad full spectrum designed to deliver the deep blues, hot reds and balanced greens plants need for full-term growth. Wide, even light distribution that matches HPS light throw while improving coverage for plants on the periphery.

4. Using cold forged aluminum heat sink, lowering LED temperatures and ensuring maximum efficiency, durability and PAR output performance.

5. IP65 wet rating, ETL certificated durable driver, and integrity 5 years warranty.